The ORIO™ Toe Sleeve has lead the industry since its introduction in 2011. With over 5,000 domestic USA installations and a 97% success rate, the ORIO™ sets the standard for conventional toe sleeves.

Using proprietary and patented technology, the ORIO™ is specifically designed for a cemented lateral. The ORIO™ allows the casing to be tested to pressures up to 15,000 psi, then once opened, provides the initial injection point into multi-zone completions eliminating the use of tubing conveyed perforating (TCP).

The specialized hydraulically operated sliding sleeve:

  • Provides fast, reliable high pressure casing testing
  • Predictable activation based upon absolute pressure
  • High-rate injection with ORIO™ three-layer reliability

The ORIO™ is specifically designed for a cemented environment by utilizing the patented ORIO™ three-layer design. The three layer design keeps all the moving parts encapsulated in the middle and away from the harsh wellbore environment.

The three layer design:

  • Provides protection from the cement slurry and frac sand
  • Prevents premature opening when running and cementing
  • Provides a smooth ID that improves cementing operations





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