Multiple configurations of positive displacement motors for downhole milling applications are available with various power section configurations. 
The robust bearing sections deliver an industry leading downhole motor.

  • Thru-Tubing Dual Flapper Check Valve - The Dual Flapper Check Valve is run below the coil connector to serve as primary well control in the event of a failure. The valve uses two cartridges with hinged flappers to allow drop balls to pass through. TEAM offers multiple sizes of the Dual Flapper Check Valves with a pressure rating of 7500 psi.
  • Thru-Tubing Milling Motors - This downhole motor offers the ability to remove multiple obstructions from the wellbore, using positive displacement technology. TEAM offers multiple configurations of positive displacement motors for downhole milling applications and offers multiple power section configuration and robust bearing sections to deliver an industry leading downhole more.
  • Thru-Tubing External Coil Connector - The External Coil Connector allows full engagement of the coil, in most cases the connector is stronger than the tensile rating of the coil string. The coil connector incorporates a slip that bites into the coil, a bearing ring to assist the slip during assembly, and a bottom sub to seal the coil. TEAM offers multiple configurations of external coil connectors, and selection depends on your desired coil size for the operation.
  • Thru-Tubing Venturi Jet Junk Basket - The Venturi Basket is used to remove debris from the wellbore. It acts as a vacuum cleaner downhole by sucking debris into the chamber, where cages keep the debris from falling out and a screen contains debris below the nozzle carrier. The tool creates a sucking effect by pumping fluid at a specified rate to create a pressure drop across a nozzle section. Multiple nozzle selections can be configured depending on the application. The idea suction effect requires a 500-1,000 psi pressure drop across the tool, which produces a fluid velocity greater than 400 FPM in the debris chamber. The tool is typically deployed on coil tubing or pipe. The tool may be used with a mud motor, and the cage housing can be dressed with carbide at an increased OD to accommodate milling and wash-over operations. TEAM offers multiple sizes of the Venturi Baskets.
  • Thru-Tubing Hydraulic Disconnect - The Hydraulic Disconnect is run to provide separation ability from tools downhole in the event of tools becoming stuck. The Hydraulic Disconnect incorporates a threaded collet to handle extended reach tool pulsation without prematurely leaking. It is drop ball activated, and shear pressure can be adjusted to fit desired wellbore parameters. Ball sizes can vary depending on the job application. For shear pressure downhole, shear pressure can be added at 600 psi per shear screw. TEAM offers multiple sizes of the Hydraulic Disconnects.





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