T-Pulse Extended Reach Tools

The T-Pulse is a friction reduction tool that provides a fluid pressure pulse to create pipe vibrations. The pressure pulse contributes to reducing friction when moving coil tubing or jointed pipe to the bottom of the wellbore.

The unique design of the T-Pulse allows the internal valve to be configured to optimum frequency for desired flow rates. Achieving the desired frequency reduces the frictional effects to get to total depth efficiently.

Features and Benefits :

  • Fluid hammer effect creates a pulling force along the work string
  • Improves weight on bit for increased milling times
  • Reduces frictional effects caused by helical bucking
  • Extended reach in horizontal wellbores
  • Internal valve can be adjusted for pulsing pressure
  • Power section can be adjusted for pulsing frequency
  • Compatible with nitrogen and most fluids
  • Compatible with high flow rates
  • Temperature rating 350° F (177° C)





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