TOMCAT™ Hybrid Frac Plug

The TOMCAT™ Hybrid Composite Frac Plug utilizes high strength composite components to provide a dependable, durable and cost-effective design for temporary zonal isolation during multi-stage completions in both vertical and horizontal wells. TOMCAT™ Frac Plugs are constructed primarily from molded or machined composites. The TOMCAT™ Hybrid Frac Plug uses composite upper slips with ceramic buttons and cast iron lower slips to ensure fast drill-out times with manageable debris cuttings while remaining highly reliable.

The TOMCAT™ Frac Plug is compatible with the Baker #10, #20 or Owens Compact Setting Tool. The wireline adapter kit is designed to allow the ball to be run in place which eliminates the need to pump the ball from surface.

Features and Benefits :

  • Compact design, the plug length is less than 18-in in length
  • Available in 4.500”, 5.000” and 5.500” sizes
  • Upper slip designed with composite material and ceramic buttons
  • Lower cast iron slip designed with bi-directional grooves and holes for ease of drill-out and debris management
  • Sets securely in casing up to P-110 grade
  • Ball cannot seal on bottom of plug allowing well flowback
  • Consistent drill times of eight minutes or less
  • Patent pending back-up system provides superior sealing capability
  • Can be drilled-out suing conventional rigid tubing or coiled tubing
  • Pump down wiper available upon request

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