The ORIO™ XL ball-activated frac sleeve, Winner of the 2014 E&P Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation

The ORIO™ XL ball-activated frac sleeve is a 90 stage system that can be run in both a cemented or open hole completion. The sleeves can be run as a cluster valve or a single point of entry valve. In either case, up to 90 stages can be completed without dropping a ball smaller than 3.00-in in 4.500-in casing or 4.00-in in 5.500-in casing. The large ID’s eliminate the need to drill out especially when used with the TEAM dissolving balls.

This tool was specifically designed for cemented laterals, keeping all the moving parts encapsulated within the patented three layer design.

This game-changing advancement significantly lowers stimulation costs, improves performance and increases capabilities.

Features & Benefits :

  • Cuts stimulation costs and horsepower requirements
  • Reduces job time
  • Reduces total water and sand requirements
  • 90 stage system in either a single point of entry or cluster set-up
  • Allows completion of extended length laterals
  • Allows for remedial coiled tubing operation without sleeve drill-out

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