The TEAM Oil Tools Scout Liner Top Packer is a premium liner top packer specifically designed for the harshest of environments. The element design is ISO V0 qualified.

The Scout Packer offers a high torque running profile for both hydraulic and mechanical running tools. With a tieback receptacle locked to the packer body, enhanced drill-in rotation capability are achieved.

Features & Benefits :

  • ISO V3 qualified: 12,500 psi, 350°F, HNBR element
  • ISO V0 qualified: 10,000 psi, 350°F, Aflas element
  • High torque rating for drill-in and reaming applications
  • Low profile design for improved bypass area
  • Integral anti back-off feature for tieback sleeve
  • Allows for tieback extensions of nearly any length, with 15 ft and 20 ft as standards
  • Integral hold down slip system
  • Enhanced extrudable element provides higher sealing capability for damaged or non-concentric casing
  • Premium thread standard

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